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Laboratory and Blood Bank

Kuluva Hospital Clinical Laboratory has provided high quality service delivery and state-of-the-art laboratory technologies with a wide range of medical laboratory investigations for our patients; all supported by a commitment to exceptional quality results.
“All procedures in our laboratory are centered towards patients’ care, safety and satisfaction”
“Our mission is to provide sustainable quality health care, training and research without compromising the economically disadvantaged”


a) 24 hour service for a broad range of analyses, from routine medical  laboratory investigations to specialized research tests.

Our testing capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  •  Liver and Renal function tests
  • Bone and cardiac profile
  • Fasting Lipid profile
  • Pancreatic function test
  • Biochemical urine analysis
  • Protein and hemoglobin electrophoresis
  • Sickle test and ESR
  • Coagulation and metabolism tests
  • Bone marrow examination
  • Full blood count and film comment
  • Culture and sensitivity of microorganisms
  • Blood, stool and urine parasitological tests
  • Tumor and reproductive markers
  • CD4/CD8 cell count
  • Serology and immunoassay tests for infectious pathogens
  • Blood grouping rhesus factor and compatibility tests
  • Direct/Indirect Coomb’s testing
  • Cytology, immuno-histochemistry and histology investigations
  • HIV, Hepatitis B/C Viral load
  • Gene Xpert (sputum and blood)
  • MTB culture and sensitivity

b) Centre of excellence for training Medical Laboratory technology students who applied for internships in the hospital

c) Referral centre to other diagnostic facilities around the region and across borders