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Vision & Mission

The Vision Statement

Kuluva Hospital envisions; “A healthy and productive society witnessing God’s love in Jesus’ name”

The Mission Statement

The mission of Kuluva Hospital is; “To provide quality health services and training based on Christian faith”

Core Values

Kuluva Hospital is committed to upholding the following values so as to preserve and conserve her culture:-

  1. Accountability. Kuluva Hospital is committed to being accountable and transparent to all the stakeholders in all her dealings with her constituencies in matters of resource management and programme implementation.
  2. Excellence. The hospital is committed to the provision of quality healthcare services through provision of dedicated services and developing highly skilled human resource through training.
  3. Empathy. To justify the reason for the existence of the hospital, we always consider the effect of our decisions and ensure that it is for the good of the people and community we serve.
  4. Shared ownership. To achieve the hospital strategic agenda, Kuluva Hospital is committed to working together with people of all interest groups in planning and designing programmes, implementation, decision making, outputs and results monitoring.
  5. Creativity and research. In pursuant of improved health service delivery based on scientific results, Kuluva Hospital will carry out investigations and engage in scientific research to generate scientific solutions for proper diagnosis.
  6. Being a learning institution and a pace setter, Kuluva Hospital is committed to providing quality health care service through training professionals and God fearing service providers.
  7. Spiritual transformation. As a faith based health care institution, we exist to provide spiritual care to the people and the community we serve.