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The Hospital is owned by Madi/West Nile Diocese of the Church of Uganda (Anglican), whose Synod appoints a Board of Governors (BOG) with authority and responsibility for the Hospital policies. The Board is made up of Clergy, the Laity, and Medical Professionals

The Board of Governors of Kuluva Hospital is the body responsible for highest level of decision-making and legal authority. It is a policy organ responsible for effective and efficient governance of the hospital.

The Board of Governors of Kuluva Hospital, a not for profit health service provider shall be a constitutional requirement under companies Act 1984, Church of Uganda Constitution and the Constitution of Madi West Nile Diocese.

The Diocesan Synod shall appoint members of the Board of Governors to serve for a period of three years. At the end of the first term, the appointing authority at his discretion may re-appoint a Board Member to serve for a second term.

Board Members shall serve maximum of two consecutive terms of three years each if appointed by the appointing authority.

The Board of Governors shall be constituted by nine members appointed by the Diocesan Synod who shall be small enough to act as deliberative body and large enough to carry out the necessary responsibilities effectively and efficiently.

The Board of Governors shall co-opt other stakeholders from the Local Government, local church leadership, staff representation and the community representation for its annual sitting who shall have no voting right but be able to deliberate on the matters of Kuluva Hospital.